Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moving Day

So guess what!? (I have realised I forgot to say)

My one-way ticket back to Canada has been purchased; 7 April 2012.

I say Canada, not Regina, because my ticket is to Calgary. Mom is ‘swinging by’ to pick me up, and then we are carrying on driving to Victoria to pick-up Kel after her school finishes up. Road trip!!! Yay.

Maybe on the way back we can swing down too Seattle (because I have never been) and drive back through the States. So many possibilities.

I have already given my notice at work, as notice periods in the UK are very long compared to Canada, 3 months at this company, and that has helped me get in the mind set of leaving. It is less than 2 and a half months now until everything changes. I have a house full of stuff and I am starting to panic a little bit. I have tried to do some research on moving stuff overseas but I don’t know where to start. The internet doesn’t seem as full of information as usual, or at least I am sure not looking in the right place. There are two schools of thought: suck it up and pay to get everything moved properly (as Mark has got a lot of stuff too), or cull like mad, get rid of most things, and start afresh on the other side. I change mind-sets every other day. I suppose a combination of both is the best option. hmmmm

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Why am I here??? said...

Yahhh! That's so soon. I'm looking forward to your return. Good luck with the big move my friend