Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas functions

This year I organised an 'Ugly Christmas Sweater Day' before Christmas.  The up-take was a bit sluggish, but a fun time was had by all, and look at this lovely sweater I get to charish for years to come.  None of us four in the picture below was actually the 'winner;' who's sweater involved a giant Winnie the Pooh, a blue base colour and was home-knitted by said winner's mother (who may be experiencing some dementia) for his 40th Birthday (with no intention of a joke present what so ever!!).

Our office Christmas party included Bowling this year (super fun!!).  Did you know that five-pin bowling is only played in Canada.  It was invented by a Canadian in Ontario in the early 1900's.  I always thought it was a British thing, because lots of our weird stuff comes from the British, but no it's all ten-pin bowling here!

This was my team on the night.  We rocked! (at being middle of the road)

P.S. I love my family; classy picture below; can't wait to come home to you guys! 

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