Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Hunger Games

My lovely sister Kel bought me the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy, aptly name ’The Hunger Games’ for Christmas this year. I started it on Wednesday last week. Flash forward to today, Tuesday lunch time, 1200 plus pages and 6 days later, and I am finished all three books!

They were great!

Thanks Kel for getting me reading. Is there anything better than a good book? I mean I like going to/watching movies and listening to music etc. but once you get going on a good book you are in a new world. I could read the whole day away; which can be a bit of a problem when you have to fit work into your day! On Monday I worked so hard in the morning to make the time go past quick to get to lunch hour and my book and what is going to happen to Peeta.

(possible spoilers alert – so don’t read on if you plan to read these books!)

The Hunger Games is an odd beast, immediately into reading I am struck by closely it matches the style books I enjoyed in my teenage years (besides being a Fantasy novel). Being put out by Scholastic it makes sense to call it young adult fiction, and yet it is pretty dang violent. Plus, even though my main concern was with what happens to Peeta, the story really got me thinking; about human-nature, war, dictatorships, communism, revenge, mental capacity, culpability, commitment…..

Before I read the books Jen said something to me about, she wasn’t sure about the ending (not not understanding, but not liking it maybe?) I am broadly satisfied with the ending (GO TEAM PEETA), but it could have explained a bit more, but perhaps it is left for us to decide how to digest it all. I could have used about 10-20 more pages at the end of loving Peeta being amazing (as that is what we were all hoping/waiting/reading for no?!), but oh well…

Looking forward to the movie coming out in March. Woody Harrelson as Haymitch – sweet!

(p.s. Amazon UK is amazing; I ordered books 2 and 3 on Friday at lunch on standard no-change delivery and they arrived at my door on Saturday morning - amazing!)


Tanya said...

so I didn't read the whole post because I haven't read the books yet and didn't want the spoiler.

I adore books. I could spend hours in a library or bookstore just picking up books and reading the summary on the back before I find one that interests me. There is an endless number of books so you can never get bored or lose interest.

I'm reading the Game of Thrones series right now. It has taken me probably 4 months so far to get through the second book. Probably because I'm a slow read, read for an hour before bed and there are a THOUSAND pages in the book.

Jen said...

It was Mallory who REALLY hated the ending, I like it, I just thought that it was kinda underwhelming after all of the goodness that came before it. I thought that Gale got the shaft :-p
Note: the guy that is playing Peeta in the movies is SO NOT GOOD :-p

Kimberly Ann said...

ah I seeee! Ending was surprising but a major downer I thought.

Gale did get the shaft LOL but I was glad.

I saw the little Peeta, he could be ok if he is a brilliant actor, but he is just not 'manly' enough is he!? Both Peeta and Gale seem crap! They should have got hmmm Aaron Johnson as Peeta (Mmm that is an awesome choice if I do say so myself!!) and anyone with dark brown hair and striking eyes who isn't Australian to play Gale. Maybe that whats his face from Gossip Girl.

Anywoo LOL its like I am teenage girl all over again.

Anonymous said...

Super glad you enjoyed the series! I knew you would, I mean if it kept my attention, it must have been brilliant haha!! I have just started on "I am number 4" another teen fiction that I am settling right into!!