Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Kings of Leon

I went to The Kings of Leon concert on Thursday night solo as Mark was already going with friends and he was down somewhere in on the floor. I got a nice last minute ticket at the extreme side of the stage and it was GREAT! I was way close and I looked down on all those getting thrown beer cups showering down on them and I was glad I wasn't down there! The show was very good. Although I couldn`t get away from crazy drunks all together. The guy in front of me had had to much to drink by the 2nd song! You know its going to be bad when he comes back with 2 beer, when the one he had is still 3 quarters full! He was quite animated then, bopping around the eisle and such. By about song 8 he was tettering and kept turning around trying to give us high fives and leaning over the back of his chair. I being directly behind him was worried about him being sick, so I put my purse on the chair behind me. But all was pretty fun. He was a good natured drunk, and I couldn`t help nearly laughing when his girlfriend keep ordering him to sit down. At one point he feel backwards into the row in front of us and he was in the sitting position with his legs hanging over the back of the chair. It took three people to pull him back up! He also fell├ęsat on his beer which was sitting in the cup holder, it stayed upright, but about half of it absorbed into his jeans. Ok so I guess I was a bit distracted at this show, but it was really good too! For the encore the guy behind me was getting a bit to sway ee with his beer cup, so I walked up to the top and stood with the wheelchair people.

Thee End!

The Gap!

Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you the largest Gap I have had to mind yet!

This is where I get off at Charring Cross Rail Station on the way to work in the moring. I sometimes worry I could lose a shoe to that gapping hole! Or sometimes I imagine a person falling in. Luckly that hasn't happened yet when I have been around!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Sunday Adventures

This Sunday was a lovely day of activity! Mark and I went to the Hyde Park Winter Fair (I bought some Hot Sugar Donuts and they were Mmmm) Then we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. Apparently the London Hard Rock Cafe was the first one ever (1971)! I had a chocolate Milkshake and Mmmmmmm. Then we went to the Bon Iver concert which was held at the Victoria Apollo. This theater is where the musical Wicked is put on. Wicked doesn't show on Sundays, so there our concert was, dragons and creepy decorating and all! The theater was built in the 1930's and the achitecture really showed it. The roof and walls were beautiful. We were sitting in the 4th row of the balcony in the middle. It was a great concert. I even cried! Now that is entertainment.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Trick was on me this Halloween!

This Friday morning started out like any other. I left the house at 8am, checking to make sure I had my keys and my Travel card. I walked to Hither Green Station and when the train came I ever got a seat; always makes a nicer start to the day. I was wearing my new black winter coat for the first time and during the train ride I moved my Ipod from my left pocket, where my travel card also was, to my purse. The train stopped at Charring Cross and I got off. I put my hand in my pocket and my travel card wasn't there. I got back on the train car and had a look around where I was sitting - no luck. I was upset about the loss, but not too worried as I had registared my card to protect the money on it from loss and theft. Also I wasn't to concerned about exiting Charring Cross as luckily in the mornings there is an unguarded exit that I had used many times in the past.


Today there was about 5 London transport guys up there checking for valid tickets. (The first time I had ever seen anyone up there.) Of course they didn't believe my "I just lost it" story and boom I have a 20 pound ticket. I am quite upset. Its not just the loss of 20 pounds, it was the shame of having to walk by all those people and have them thinking you are trying to cheat the system.


I went into the Underground station to report my card stolen. They say they can't help me and that I have to call a help number. I get into work and call the number. Since I don't know the number on my card (which is now lost) they have to post me a new one (which could take up to 5 days). I have errr had a 7 day travel card, the first day was on Thursday, so all the days I paid for I won't have the card and won't be able to use. The whole system is ridiculus and at the end of the day having to rebuy travel for the next 5 days and getting the ticket I have bled around 45 pounds of money today (aka $95) all because my stufpid coat pocket is too horizonal!

Happy Bloody Halloween!


Mark and I carved pumpkins on Tuesday night. It was Mark's "first time." I was a proud little teacher. We came home as quick as we could on Friday night and got in around 6:25pm. Two little boys rang the bell at 6:30pm before I had a chance to get the pumpkin outside and those were the only 2 Trick or Treaters we got! I was a little disappointed but oh well. The pumpkins looked very nice outside and I am sure lots of people got to see them when they were walking by. The last picture is a picture of the type of candy we gave out. I had 25 pieces just in case.

We ordered in Indian food and watched the Gremlins then Ghost Busters; neither of which have I ever really watched, so that was good to get a couple of "classics" out of the way.

Halloween definately isn't near as popular here. No dressing up at work, someone actually asked me what day halloween was on; we couldn't even find a scarey movie on TV to watch! The more important date around this time is November 5th. Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes Night. (I had really never heard of this before but for V for Vendetta or my university British history class. ) There is a big fireworks display in the Blackheath common next Saturay night and even as I write this I can hear fireworks somewhere outside my window. There are a lot a fireworks going on around this time. I think I would like to go to a Bonfire, but I haven't heard about any Bonfires going on.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Strawberry Hill Walk

This Saturday Mark and I went for a walk from Syon Lane to Strawberry Hill.

The weather was great, around 20 degrees.

This is the gate at Syon Park, it is now disused. Syon Park was the London residence of Duke of Northumberland where Lady Jane Gray was crowned the Queen of England.

This was/is the Duke of Northumberland's Estate.

Mark and I had a lovely lunch at this pub on the river. We sat outside on the deck and the sun felt fantastic.

A creepy old boat on the river at low tide.

And a creepy old bike!

This place is called Marble Hill House, it looks so nice but when you get close the windows are all boarded up and no one lives there!

This place was a little gothic castle. Some guy built it for fun in the 1740s.


Hi all

One Sunday morning I woke up to "The London Mist".

So I took some pictures of spiderwebs!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kim is back!

After over a year and a half hiadus (hmmm spelling!?!) I have returned to my original blog! What can I say, Bugbitten has got too many adverts. THis is just a test blog to get me back on track but anyways BOOT :)