Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adult Education

I started my ‘Introduction to Ballet’ class at Morley College on Monday evening. Picture the ballet teacher in Gilmore Girls, make her British and her hair sandy grey and you have my Instructor. She is brilliant! In my short ballet career I have already had 3 tutors and they have all been so different.

It is a 12 week course, learning the basics: vocabulary, moves, etc, of ballet. I am happy to be starting a course and not just doing drop-in sessions. I think this way I will learn and progress at a better pace. I wasn’t sore the next day after my first class but my feet are often sore while doing the positions. I guess I will just have to put even more effort into it next week.

At work on the day a co-worker, Justine, and I discovered that we were going to the same place on Mondays. She was starting a Spanish class, which is going on at the same time. What are the odds?! So we get to walk there together each week. It is a small world even in London sometimes.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

I got a letter in the mail

I am very happy to report that yesterday I received a letter in the post from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  I have been deemed as an eligible sponsor for Mark's residency application!!   This is GREAT news - the application wasn't lost (whew), and we only have 8 more months of proccessing to go!!!  I was very nervous about this first stage of the application as the criteria to prove my intention to return to Canada was surprisingly hard to meet.  I am not so worried about the second stage of the application, proving our relationship is genuine, essentially.  So I am very happy.

In other news, has anyone ever had to go out and buy new underwear because all the ones they have are in the wash basket?  Well I have just done this.  PAH!! :)