Thursday, September 08, 2011

I got a letter in the mail

I am very happy to report that yesterday I received a letter in the post from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  I have been deemed as an eligible sponsor for Mark's residency application!!   This is GREAT news - the application wasn't lost (whew), and we only have 8 more months of proccessing to go!!!  I was very nervous about this first stage of the application as the criteria to prove my intention to return to Canada was surprisingly hard to meet.  I am not so worried about the second stage of the application, proving our relationship is genuine, essentially.  So I am very happy.

In other news, has anyone ever had to go out and buy new underwear because all the ones they have are in the wash basket?  Well I have just done this.  PAH!! :)


Jen said...

This is the best news!! I am way happy for you!! :-)

Tanya said...


Anonymous said...

Happy for you kim! That's great news, the rest should be a breeze <3

~Love Fallon