Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Kings of Leon

I went to The Kings of Leon concert on Thursday night solo as Mark was already going with friends and he was down somewhere in on the floor. I got a nice last minute ticket at the extreme side of the stage and it was GREAT! I was way close and I looked down on all those getting thrown beer cups showering down on them and I was glad I wasn't down there! The show was very good. Although I couldn`t get away from crazy drunks all together. The guy in front of me had had to much to drink by the 2nd song! You know its going to be bad when he comes back with 2 beer, when the one he had is still 3 quarters full! He was quite animated then, bopping around the eisle and such. By about song 8 he was tettering and kept turning around trying to give us high fives and leaning over the back of his chair. I being directly behind him was worried about him being sick, so I put my purse on the chair behind me. But all was pretty fun. He was a good natured drunk, and I couldn`t help nearly laughing when his girlfriend keep ordering him to sit down. At one point he feel backwards into the row in front of us and he was in the sitting position with his legs hanging over the back of the chair. It took three people to pull him back up! He also fell├ęsat on his beer which was sitting in the cup holder, it stayed upright, but about half of it absorbed into his jeans. Ok so I guess I was a bit distracted at this show, but it was really good too! For the encore the guy behind me was getting a bit to sway ee with his beer cup, so I walked up to the top and stood with the wheelchair people.

Thee End!

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