Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snow Day!

Batten down the hatches, its minus 2 and the snow is pouring down!! I say pouring because, and I wish I would have got a picture of this, some people still bring out their umbrella's in the snow. Seriously people, what is the point!?!? The snow started late on Sunday afternoon, and pretty much kept on keeping on until Monday night. The was the most snow at one time in something like 18 years. 2 million people didn't make it in to work in London on Monday. There were no trains, no buses, and limited underground. I had taken Monday off anyways because I stayed up until 3:30am watching the Super Bowl. Mark and I walked to the park and there were people and kids everywhere. Making snowmen, sledding, and the sledders were nuts! They were using all sorts of things as sleds. Flat baking trays, plastic bags, boards, the thinner backing off cupboards, "To Let" signs. I saw a Couple make it all the way down the hill on a tupperware lid the size of a dinner plate! Some of these snowmen were quite massive!


Why am I here??? said...

How cool is that? Wonderful pics Kim. I miss you both!!!

Tanya said...

haha looks like canada! I bet everyone blames you and mark for it. or I at least bet mark thought he left that stuff in canada. That snowman is enormous and why cant us canadians be that creative with sledding?