Thursday, April 02, 2009

Welcome to my room!

I just noticed after putting this up that I classily have my bra hanging in the frame!! Sorry about that. Video and learn I say! I would also like to add that that was my first attempt of the evening on my guitar and that I can in actual fact play a tinsy bit better then my video debue!! So there! (but not much better) I had Mark come over on the weekend so he could tune it for me and I am hopeless at it and always scared that I am going to snap a string!!

Hello again! You have just read the first paragraph and thought hmmm were is this video!? Sadly I let my laptop sit uploading the bloody video for over an hour and it is still not "doing its thing". SO therefore I guess I can't put this video up, at least today. Please see below for a stationary photo of my lovely guitar; a birhday present from Mark.

OH pooh, I am having been trying so long to upload this stupid video I don't want to give up on it yet!! I am currently watching a TV show on Sex Education. Did you know that 1 in 10 people ounder the age of 25 have Clymidia in the UK. Is it that high at home? Or that British teenagers watch on average 90 minutes of porn per week? The Scandel!! I don't think my kids will have the internet!

I heard that the Simpsons has been cancelled of off its 5pm slot on CBC! Is this true? How sad. First Jeoperd now this!!

45 minutes later!! The mystery has been solved. My first attempt at posting a video was foiled because the file was too big. I annoying mumble through this explanation in my second attempt video, where my guitar playing proves to be even worse than attempt 1!! OH woe is me. I managed to cut the hanging bra out of this shot. So yay! and enjoy.

BAH! :) good night

OR not good night!! Its taking ages to upload still! I shall leave it on while sleeping and see what occurs!


Why am I here??? said...

hehe I love it Kim. That colour is kickin'. What a wonderful b-day present from you lover. Say 'hi' to him for me ;)

Hugs from Korea

Tanya said...

yay! kimmers is learning to play the guitar. I hope you are having lots of fun over there. Tell Mark I say hi!