Friday, September 08, 2006

Work Indeed

In the spirt of Tanya's post of her office and such, I present to you all....

The bakery

in pictures

lol and considering this may have been my last day working here, it was a good time to take some pictures!!!
Alright then, lets get on with it :)

Me, Ruby and Trish in this one, trying out the sepia style ;)

I called Trisha Beebee "Trish" for years, until I found out she hated the name trish lol well this is the "real" Trish" and she is actually my step-aunt, ah yes :) the bakery is a family affair.

I look like a large-headed galoot in this hat lol but o'well... White hats in a bakery, man what were they thinking!! dirtyyy

THis would be Lisa cutting up giant hunks of roast beef, ok no this isn't the bakery, its the deli!! which I help in a nights while those lovely deli-girls go on their brakes.... Good times, I love the slicers, they are exactly like the one Kramer had in that Seinfeld episode, that Elaine borrowed or something lol oh Seinfeld, but a size bigger I think...

One this picture makes my work place look like some sort of gettho concentation camp thingy... This is where donuts are made people!!! beware of evil donuts....

Giant boobs of dough lol enough said

Ok so this is where I would slice bread. Looking at these pictures, I can see that someone who suffered from claustrophobia would not beable to work here... well YAY I am not claustrophoic!!

Anyways I have worked at the Coop Bakery for over 5 years. Since the summer between Grade 11 and 12, its not the greatest job, but life is what you make of it right, and I had some great co-workers and have had some fun times and good memories, and that is all anyone can ask for....

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Jennipal -- doing it Korean style said...

hey kim, keep on posting.......i check your site often and I have not seen anything new.........get on that girl. How about an update on your travel plans for the next year.........I thought you might be gone by now, but i am outta the loop.