Thursday, August 24, 2006

This post is not really an event, just babysitting my cousins etc. Melissa and Camryn live only 2 minutes away. Aged 6, good times

But Madison and Fallon live in Shilo MB, they came to stay with us for a week.... Most hot week of the summer i tell yous!! Like 33 everyday..... One morning I woke up and it was so hot in the house already I just went straight from my PJs to my bathing suit. I entered a photo contest at the Leaderpost and i won 3rd place!!! so look in the paper this saturday and see my work lol thats all for now........ :) cause i am lazy !

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Jennipal -- doing it Korean style said...

damn it, your mom is so fit I am jealous.............but I guess I like my pizza so I shouldn't complain!!!! Nice pics Kim