Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nipawin Road Trip

So this weekend, I went with Crystal and Benson up to Nipawin to visit Tanya. Tanya's new man, Steve, was up visiting as well, so we got to meet him... A nice guy :) Good work Tanya!! Tracy and Evan were also there staying in a cabin (Friday and Saturday night) . We went up Saturday morning and stayed at Tanya's apartment until Monday afternoon.

Much fun was had.
We went for a walk on one of the trails, I got to hold Toni's leash (Evan and tracy's dog, he's a cutie)

We went too the Nipawin Museum, and saw many old things. This is a wooden Santa, he looked jolly.
Crystal was trying out her teaching skills in the one room style classroom. She was loving the math problems from the 1926 textbook.

Benson and Tanya were not enjoying the lesson quite as much :) !
We drove on a bridge across the river..
We drove up to Tobin Lake (20 minutes from Tanya's) and went swimming at the beach, the water was beautiful, clear, no rocks in the water, so sandy, I had so much fun swimming. Beautiful...

And on the way we stopped at Tanya's friend Elsa's farm and there were animals, piglets and cows and a huge garden and raspberry bushes Mmmmmm, I had "a few"

We had pizza, went to Vista point to see the dam, and went to the park to ride on the zip line wOooooo it was fun fun, and there is a cool bridge there too.... Nipawin is really in a beautiful spot. Up north I tells ya, its the trees, pretty pretty trees. We had DQ treatza-pizza and rented Sin City, Tanya only lasted half an hour, preceeded to call us "sick fucks" and go to bed LOL I thought it was alright myself....

On Monday we went golfing at the Nipawin golf course and I was actually hitting the ball! I was pumped... Anyways thanks tanya for having us, I had a lovely time. And thanks crystal for driving.... Hugs too all.

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Jennipal -- doing it Korean style said...

KIM!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous of your little venture to go visit Tanya. I really enjoyed looking at the pics and reading your blog because it was set up like a story. I am still having a blast in Korea and my trip to Thailand was incredible. I hope you will be able to experience some of the amazing things that I have done when you venture off into that big world ALONE. I know you will do just fine. And after you have completed your travels you will be a lot wiser and mature; I know I have -- perhaps you won't even recognize me when I get back. Keep on postin'