Monday, July 24, 2006

Camping at Madge Lake

So Kelly, mom and I went camping to Duck Mountain Provicial Park July 11th to 15th. This is where Jen Boychuck always talked about going to remember! Madge Lake, I thought of you Jen while driving there, and I looked for your Trailer in the Seasonal Camping, but to no avail, I would assume that you are still in Oklahoma, miss you !!!

These candles burned quick! LOL no story there... Anyways, I ran into Janelle there, she works at the Campground office and her family has a cabin out there. We went over for coffee and cookies on the one raining day out of 4 that we had. Oh man it wasn't just rain it was like flash flood downpour!!!
Kell and I were trying to get creative for this picture, kinda a Kung-fu theme going on there!
The water was very clean really a beautiful place, trees and such, people can't say Saskatchewan is only bald-ass-prairie when we have places like this!
A sunset indeed
Chopping wood with little axe was not the easiest! But I have to say that there is something strangely therapudic about chopping wood. Its a stress reliever or something, you just don't want to stop!

We went horseback riding and it was great!! I got to "lope" which is a notch up from trotting,, kida like a slow gallop, much smoother and so fun. I imagined I was back in the 18 hundreds and galloping across the plains. Very freeing :)

Some hiking, and such, a bit mosquitoee tho!!!!
This picture hear makes me think of Africa or something! I don't know why... Anyways a good one of me and mom :)

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Jennipal -- doing it Korean style said...

Good old Madge lake.............Jen Boyacheck has a seasonal spot out there and I loved going with her. The water is so great compared to the shit stuff you find at Regina Beach (haha). The pictures you took were really beautiful (I liked the sunset and the one of you and your mom -- the two of you are so gorgeous)