Monday, July 17, 2006

Winnipeg Folkfest at Birds Hill Park aka Hippies on Grass

Well hello too all that read.....

Todays post deals with my trip to Winnipeg with my dad and kel...

We went to the folk festival, about 20 minutes away from the Peg, thursday friday and saturday July 6, 7, and 8th.

It was great, everyone sits on tarps, its crazy, i have never seen so many tarps, and if you have lawn chairs they are only those kind that are really low to the ground, as to not impeed the ground sitters view,
Oh the hippies, so laid back, shoeless wonders....
Everyone is so nice, and curtious.
Everyone leaves their bags laying on their tarps and just walking around, no worries of thievery.. No litter, and real plates at all the food vendors! Boys in sorangs.... Free Free Free :)

Little kids dancing in bubbles, who knows where their parents are lol.... But nice kids, not screamy ones, the kind of kids that only hippies could raise.

This is the main stage at night, i moved the camera so it would look all CRAZY lol, there is some hippy bandana in the forground there :) ..............

THis be a list or some the the people i saw:

Bedouin Soundclash

Solomon Burke

Neko Case

Steve Earle

Alejandro Escovedo (was awsome) i here also saw a crazy dancing hippy lady with hairy arm pits :)

Ruthie Foster

Dan Frechette (grreat voice... i liked him)

The Grande Mothers (who are apparently like members of the mothers of invention, frank zappas band, lol who knew :) yes i know i am dumb)

Crooked Still (crazy cello player with an elf toque good times)

Low (sweet)

The Sadies

Son Volt (soooo goood, i sang every song) woops jay is sideways, oh well, its was awsome :)

Terrance Simien and the Zydeco Experience (people were dancing like mad!!)

Hawksley Workman (pooh-full-of-his-face mcgee)

These popcicles must have been on like dry ice!!!

They were steaming!!!

Beautiful weather

Awsome time is the moral of this tale!

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Jennipal -- doing it Korean style said...

It's so weird to see ppl with different hair colour, since I am so used to a sea of only black hair. Also, I like how you mentioned that you have never seen so many tarps anywhere.......the amount of ppl there would probably be similar to what I would see on an average day in the, so weird!!!!!! I am happy you set up this blog so that you can chart your European adventures. Keep up the good work my friend