Tuesday, June 20, 2006

hmm hmm hmm

how does one get pictures on here!!?

woot woot I think I got it!!!

Well this would be kel, jen and I's trip to The Peg for the Death Cab for Cutie/FrazFerdinand show

which was AWSOME!!!

and my cousin nick, is this boy

We are doing our best to capture the EMO image in the picture (I think I am the worst at it)

On the way the Winnipeg, the car broke down, we hitch-hiked in 3 different cars and a tow-truck! Good times LOL and it was like 28 degrees outside in April, I love the praireis!!!!!

The tow-truck ppl had a dog named bettsie, she slobbered alot.... that would be our broken car in the backgound!!

The concert was so worth it.... Road trips :)

ok well that is all for now.........

I think I need to shower LOL

currently listening TOO

Beating Hearts Baby..... Head Automatica

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