Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Who taught you to live like that?!!!

Hello again, and welcome to everyone whom I never sent the link too before now because I am a dummy and ofcourse you wouldn't know that Alexis the Viking is me from reading Jen's page! lol Ok then........... :)

I present to you the weekend that was - - - - - - -

a momentary lapse of judgement !!

OK, so Jen has come back from Oklahoma for a few short days and we are here at this moment to visit her, at kevins? house... lol anyways Crystal drove me, as everyone knows I usually drive, soooooo I got very easily talked into drinking, yah yah I know, but I have never been drunk yet so I thought hey this be the night! First Nicole maybe be this peach vodka ginerale business and it was very good.......drank it was while watching the Bombers get killed by the Stampeders....

So I played a drinking game with everyone, drink number 2 = vodka and strawberry banana juice.... couldn't taste the grossness so I got crystal and corrie to make it stronger for me......... now it was EWWW

Drink number three, same stuff........... Head starting to feel swayish, giggled uncontrolabley once lol covered mouth with hand........

So drinking game over.......... I know I am in the drunk area, but its only been

3 drinks right!? SO I have a shot of vodka just to make sure it happens for me!

I talked much, learned all about Nicoles boyfriend and sara's upcoming marriage.....

Crystal and I went home at around 1am and THANK GAWD

It was more like EIGHT drinks, because they were BEER CUPs lol so too much wayYYYY too much

cause the moment i walked in my door I was not doing well..... I went to go downstairs to write a drunken email lol cause well thats just what drunk people do, and I only made it to step two! before laying on the stairs for the next hour...................until I could crawl to my bed

Yes the hang over lasted all the next day through................... I do not regret the things I have done LOL I will just never do them again!!!!

thee end

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Jennipal -- doing it Korean style said...

FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYY, Hey Kim I check your blog everyday and I was so thrilled to see you had a new post. But at the same time it really made me want to be back in Regina to celebrate with all you wonderful gals (and boys). Everyone seems so happy so I am excited to come home to such a lovely bunch of friends. See you all in 6 weeks and counting ;)