Saturday, September 23, 2006

Why I am still in the Canada after so much travel talk

Well number one; and if it just an excuse 'fine' because this is really important to me..

I am going to see the Rolling Stones. Legends - - - It's basically like getting to see Bach 3o years after he died. LOL If that makes any sense................. I would pay the $300 if I had too, happily it is only $117, and twice :)

And so, this is occuring at our very own Taylor Field October 6th and 8th.....

Number two; my cousin from Winnipeg came to live in the city for school this year, and I wanted to spend some time with him. Well I need to make a better effort of this one - - it was his 21st birthday yesterday and I forgot to call him !!! Oops.......... Anyways

Number three; basically I have been dragging my ass and just sent my visa application in this week.......... So yah what can you do. I bought a Subway line map for London ;)

Number four; I am working full time as a HR assistant at Employment Network, I thought I would give the job a chance, to see if I truely enjoy this type of work, plus I am learning a ton, and it is just good work experience... So its ok, but I am not sure I am an admin/office/HR type person. My ass gets sore sitting all day.... Its stressful HR is, not for me so much but for the reruiters and such. Very stressful

Number five; I only have one class left to become a lifeguard and I wanted to take the course in September. Well I signed up, its paid for, anddd it was supposed to be this weekend and next. BUT they had to POSTPONE it on account of there being no instructor. GRRRRRRR So that not cool at all. I am jinxed I swear....

Number six; well I think I am out of reasons, my gramma is stressed about me going alone. And I am not THAT worried but people worrying about you starts to get into your head sooner or later.

Number seven; I kinda want to be here when Jen Burton gets back, even if its only to see her once. I really miss you Jen and I want to show you that you have friends back home that will be there for you no matter how long you leave for. Because that is what I hope for in my case. We always hope that when we come back from 'where-ever' that our friends will still be here for us. I know I will always try to be that friend.....

So the plan is the beginning of November, I just am tired of talking about my trip with people, its kinda like when you go to a family reunion and dozens of relatives you don't know at all ask you about school.."Hows school, what are you taking?". You just don't want to talk about it anymore........ I am sure I am also mad at myself for not already being there, but in my heart I know I will get there, and I may be dragging my feet a little in aprehension, bit I know I will get there. So that is my rant, any questions anyone :) ?


Jennipal -- doing it Korean style said...

Hey Kim I didn't intend to pester you regarding your travels which I know can be overwhelming. Since being in Korea I have kinda been out of the loop and I was just curious as to what was happening in your life.

I think that it is sweet that you want to see me when I get back, that's very kind of you. I am finished at the end of October so I should be home Nov 1 (or somewhere around there -- due to time change etc, I am not sure exactly when I arrive in Regina).

Also traveling along can be really terrifying (especially for other ppl who worry about your safety -- you grandma included). So if you have any questions or would like to talk about what you may expect when traveling in general then please ask away. What I know first hand is that even though you are nervous and apprehensive at first, you will look back at the experience and think WOW!!!! You will make memories that will last a life time, and you will grow so much that we won't even recognize you when you return.

And remember "don't be afraid to fail, instead worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try"

See you soon friend

T. said...

hey kimmy.....that makes sense, dont worry i'm still meeting you there whenever u go even if u only end u going when I do. I think jen should come with us but I'll let her settle at home first. My grandma is worried too, I think its a grandma thing

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