Thursday, September 21, 2006

You don't love me yet

So last night I went to the Gaslight Saloon with my sister Kel and my dad to see his friend's son's band play "The Balling Jacks" it was pretty good I thought, but WAYYY late, i didn't get to bed until 3AM!!!! Tyler is the one I know lol kinda

anyways on the way home there was this GREAT song on community radio, and it ended with "You don't love me yet, You don't love me yet, You don't love me yet" and that is all I could remember. So I tried to find it, and all I could come up with it "You don't love me yet" by Bongwater... lol And upon listening, that is NOT the right song. Sad Sad Sad

I worked 13 hours today between two jobs :)
fun times indeed

hugs to all

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