Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why I love the CFL

I love watching lots of sports.  During the Olympics I get sucked in and watch hours a day.   But in the last few years one sports league has risen above the rest.

The CFL (Canadian Football league) gives me joy!  I never miss watching a game.  I like that is a small league and I can follow all the teams.  I like that the pay for the players is modest and they play for a love of the game not the million you get in other major leagues.  But I think what really gives it the extra edge is that I like hearing about the Canadian and American players.  The Canadian ones because I am proud of what they have achieved and the American ones because I like to think about these young men from Louisiana and Texas and all over coming to Regina, a place they would never have been to in their entire lives if they hadn't been in football, and experiencing how life is; in Canada and in Saskatchewan.   I just like visitors. I think that is it.   I like showing people my town.  I loved taking Mark to the games.  Imagine a British person at Taylor field.  :) Soo cool!

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