Saturday, January 15, 2011

My neighbours are twits

Well I should be more specific - I don't want to tar the whole neighbourhood! Our neighbours on the right wall side are squaky, kareoke singing twits who like to sing Alana Myles Black Velvet, How Can I get you Alone by Heart and Avril Levaine songs just to name a few -  in the early morning hours.   You can hear every prolonged, off key word.

Right now it's Umbrela and 12:13am, eventually I will have to attempt to go to sleep.  I will have to put the ear plugs in and hope for the best.  I want to punch those 2 girls in their pink polo shirt wearing, cackling faces.  What mistifies me is that there is at least one guy visitor in their livingroom that has been sitting there listening to this racket for over 2 hours.    Who befriends these home singing peoples?

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