Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just a Sunday afternoon at the Office

Hi all, I enabled anonymous comments, so comment your little hearts out!

I got my first temping job this Friday. It ends today I think (they are very unorganized) and I was working at the ROC recruitment office ( helping do short interviews for Selfridges ( Christmas help and data entry of the the people's detail on Olioffice (it kind looks like prohunt!!) .... That was friday and saturday. Today I am alone in the office, answering phones, while everyone else is over at Selfridges organizing people. It is absolutely nuts how many temps the store needed. something like 250. and as usual everything was left until last minute! :) I would feel bad for not doing anything right now, except that I haven't anymore CVs to entry and they never told me anything else to do. lol so here I am :) Maning an 80 person office by myself. So i probably interviewed over 30 people in 2 days. I was a little nervous at first, but I tried to jump right into it. So go me!!! anyways. At least I have made a bit of money :)



Kristen said...

That is exciting! We thought our Sears job was lots of openings!! Your going to be a temp pro.

Linda said...

Congrats Kim! I know you will do well wherever you work. I'm glad you were able to take a few skills from Employment Network to help with your new job. Keep up the good work and enjoy life in London --- we're proud of you!