Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Little things

Postal code Post code
Mail it Post it
Subway Tube
Bathroom Loo (I just can't get into this one!)
Cell phone Mobile
Take Out Take Away
Chips Crisps
Fries Chips
Pop hmmmm soda?
7-up lemonade (7-up is just the brand name)
they don't have rootbeer :( but there is Dr. Pepper :)
Sweater Jumper
Regular size paper is an inch longer than back home. LOL I already told everyone that didn't I?
All the chocolate bars are Cadbury brand. They don't have ohenrys or reeses or glossettes, Mmmmm I miss glossettes. At the grocery store there is moose but not pudding


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Anonymous said...

Hey Kimmy,

It's so funny to adjust to the different words, but soon enough you will be using british english here in Canada.

In Korea they call cell phones, HAND PHONES. And they call the washroom/ bathroom a TOILET. There is no such thing as Kleenex to wip your nose, rather you have to use TISSUE. My students say "may I have some tiss please teacher?".

Anonymous said...