Sunday, November 19, 2006

I found a new home

Hello all, so I am going to start posting on my site now, feel free to post comments or email my back at

Things have been a little lonely here in this big city, and it is really hard to sign up for stuff and do things without a home address or a phone number so yes I am now the proud owner of a cell phone. A black motorola thingy


I found a place to live today, its perfect and I love it, great nieghbourhodd with 3 other females. The price is exorbitant but its basically the best I can do, and its a really good area for the price, so I was pumped.

I saw some ~real~ goth people today, like full length Drusilla dresses and the guys was in a floor length black and silver coat with a white ruffled shirt, it was awesome. lol anyways, also one of the Tub trains I was in today was like Jerry's BO car in that seinfeld episode it was nasty!!!! lol I know this is not really important to you guys, but know I am doing well and things are ok.... I went to a Career fair on the weekend it was good, up next the job hunt...... talk to you all soon#


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T. said...

Thats awesome kim...sounds like u are doing just fine there already. I'm glad you started posting again. You'll have to send us one on your new roommates when you get to know them a bit better. Cant wait to be there with you.