Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't set your hair on fire!

Last night, Friday evening, I had my birthday drinks at a pub by Liverpool Street Station, the Water Poet.  It was very nice and was a good turn out. 

Chris gave me a cake, photo below.

The "Kim Sucks" cake was very thoughtful. Because on Chris's birthday I baked him this:

Mark had me write that on the top with marshmellows.  Chris loves my cakes and says they are the best ones he has ever had, so I am happy to make them for someone who appreciates them so much!!

Last night I also got a birthday card that had a secret, good luck, scratch message on the front, so I was leaning over the table scratching away, and my hair is getting longer (and I straightened it for the occation) and there was a fancy tea-light on the table.  Need I say more?



While leaning over I suddenly heard a sizzeling in my ear, I instintively moved back, and it's a good thing because by then there was smoke and the whole room smelt like burning hair.  It is a good thing I don't use hair spray or my whole head could have been up in flames!!!  WHEW 

So I suppose there wasn't any fire just a little sizzel.  A small strip of my hair about 3 inches long was chared and clumped and I got Frances to brush it out.  Surprisingly you can't really tell it happened now, but I was worried at the time that it would show that I had a chunk missing!  

Not sure how lucky the card was then!  But after I did finish scratching it to show the message it said the following will give me good luck this year: The number 28, striped socks, the colour orange and squirrels!  The number 28 though!  Oooooo thats how old I am turning! 

The rest of the night I kept getting wafts of burnt har smell.

Anyways I am safe and still have hair.  And thanks to everyone who came out.   

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