Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cez & Andrew's Wedding 01/08/09

Welcome to my first English Wedding. Very similar to Canadian ones. And the church had a huge organ that played "Here Comes the Bride" on the entry of the Wedding party. I am not sure why this first bit of text is underline but o'well!

The church was really nice inside. We got there early as you can see!

Mark and Neil were even part of the ceremony. They sang "Dream a Little Dream", requested by Cezanne, and I must say it was much better than all other versions! :) They practised very hard to make sure their performance was perfect and I thought it was great!
There was just a light rain starting when we exited the church. All the guests got flower petals to throw at the wedding couple as they came out of the church. I am annoyed I missed that photo opp!

The boys all spifed up!
After the church part, which was in Greenwich, all of the guest etc walked to the river and we took a private boat into the city.

Here I am posing with some champaigne which I didn't drink and gave away after this.
I love this picture, I specifically asked Mark to smile with his teeth showing, because I think he has a lovely open smile and he so rarely shows it, and Mark was just drunk enough to listen to me! LOL
The reception was held at the Garden Museum in Lambeth. The museum is in an old church, hence it looking all churchy. We didn't stay too late, 11pm, but the whole thing ended at 12 anyways, and we had to catch trains home!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmers, Looks like a right English classy wedding, I hope Mark had his tie done up for at least some of the day! You Green dress looks lovely and the picture of you and Mark is very nice, you included!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmers I'm anonymous because I don't know what I'm doing! Love you! MOM

Kimberly Ann said...

Thanks Mom!

You will always be anonymous, don't worry, just write your name at the end like you have done!

Anonymous said...

Good work Bing. Love ya, say hi to Mark. Don't beleive in blogs. Work on your spelling. Have no Google account. Family loves ya. See ya soon. Aerosmith cancelled. Going to Chicago and New York in next two months.Summer hasnt arrived. Pummelling your father on the links. Cool you using the English method of dates...20 December. My birthday. Love Scoo.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim: Nice pictures of the wedding you posted. It sounds like you are having a blast in London. We love the snowman picture with the cathedral or whatever in the background. Hope your summer has been better than ours. See you in September.

Love from the Peyson Bay Donalds.

Anonymous said...

Cool weddng pics too!!!