Saturday, February 04, 2012

2012 New Years Resolutions


- brush my teeth before leaving the house in the morning (I have a toothbrush at work too, but lots of time I forget to do it when I get there; thats not good is it!)

- excerise at least twice a week (I know this is the same as last year, but I think I might struggle to do 3 time a week consistantly, so I am keeping it simple for now)

- be confident when meeting new people, and don't shy away from meeting new people

- get a new job in Regina that I am interested in and don't just settle (and if I do settle at first, make sure it is only a short term thing1)

- continue working on my ballet moves even when I am not able to take classes anymore (also to look into adult Tap and Ballet classes in Regina; should they exist)

- learn how to use my SLR camera on the manual settings

- bike ride more in the summer and maybe buy a new bike

That's it I think, nothing to taxing I suppose

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