Saturday, October 08, 2011

October heat

Last Saturday Mark and I went to Hever Castle, which was the childhood home of Anne Bolyn. It was October 1st and the weather was unreal; close to 29 degrees!  Apparently it was hottest day in October in the UK on record ever.  Look at me experiencing history!  Anyhoo, Hever Castle was awesome.  There was a huge Italian garden and a man-made lake put in in 1905 by a rich American, Mr Astor (of Waldorf Astoria hotel).  The man that inspired the character Falstaff (from Shakespears' Henry IV)also lived in this house at one point.  Great place to visit, and it was not too far away in Kent. There was also a 'water maze' which was very fun.

Someone was having a wedding here in the early evening. That would have been sooo nice!

The Water Maze

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