Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ballet Update

Well I have been to 2 classes now.

The first one last last Thurday at the London Russian Ballet School and as you would expect the instructor was Russian.  A petite man in tights - the most defined leg muscles I had ever seen.  I supoose that is because men don't usually wear tights but you know!  The class size was small, which was good, but everyone knew much more that I did, even though it was supposed to be absolute beginner ballet and also the Russian fellow just launched right into it and with english being his second language, mostly would just use his hands and 'put' you into position.  'Put' could also mean: pull, push, wrench, bend! :) It was difficult because I didn't have a clue on the postions but we weren't suppose to look down! The class was almost 2 hours long and my feet were so sore afterwards.  I do think I learned a lot that first day, but is was like a rabbit to the wolves.  I think a one point the Russian called my hand position a limp fish!

The second class I went to just this Thursday last was the Absolute beginner ballet class at the Central School of Ballet, which isn't too far from my work.  The instructor was a camp Aussie fellow and he was very nice and funny.  The class was much bigger, there was even some men in it!  It was a bit more what I would expect from a beginner class which is good and I think I will go to this one for a while and then maybe when I know the moves i will try the Russian one again. Eeeee.  In this class I don't get as much personal attention - and based on week 1 lords know I am not doing most things right!!

One issue for me is getting into 'position 1' where most ballet moves start and finish!!

My feet go into this postion while standing straight up

But they should be in this position!

(The above photo was achieved by me leaning over almost 90 degrees!!)  I am not sure if I can ever bend this way standing straight up!

This ia how I knew everyone was futher along then I was at the Russian school, every single woman could get into this position, even this lady who was quite easily 200 pounds.  I have some work to do!!


Jen said...

Whoa! I just tried this and I don't have to bend over at all to get my feet to go that straight. It feels kinda weird, but maybe I should take up ballet, haha.
(No, that is not going to happen. :-p)

Kimberly Ann said...

I am jealous!! :)