Sunday, November 22, 2009

The House

I am listening to the beginning of the Rider game right now and am very nerous as we can seem to do much. Penalty to get our first down! UGG its getting ugly.
Anyways this is how the main floor looks now with us living in it. I love that tv!!!

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Tanya said...

Haha Dont worry Kim we won! It was glorious. Too bad you couldn't have watched it on tv. When steve and I left we could see the green glow of the fireworks from Mosaic. Got I love the Rider Pride!!!! Like really what other football team has that many fans and have two songs!!!

Steve's mom went outside at one point and there was a complete eery silence. No cars, no noise. Everyone was watching the game. I dont even think there is that much silence for christmas!

Go Riders Go!!!!